Gabrielle Noelle, Cocoa Ari, Business Coach for Women of Color

A proud Afro-Caribbean woman, born and raised in New York City. My dad’s a reader, researcher. My mom is the charming and charismatic. Blessed to be born to my parents who taught me to work smarter, not harder, to invest in myself, and follow my passion.

Since a young age, entrepreneurship has been my nature. From selling stories to my friends at 12 to founding my first LLC, a lifestyle magazine, at age 19.

I’ve since founded an Event Service Company, Fame and Feté, and a luxury boutique, Cocoa Ari.

In 2016,  I also founded Unlock Hearts, which is closest my heart, a non-profit organization that sponsors book-buying experiences for young readers in New York City ages 8 to 14. Each month we give children $20 to buy books of their choice.

After over 10 years in global marketing and production for brands such as Dos Equis, Volvo, Pillsbury, Dyson, and GSK, I leveraged her talents for marketing and business strategy to consult entrepreneurs in building businesses that yield large profits. 

I'm passionate about working with business owners who want to share their story sell out their products and create multiple 6 figures.

You don't have to be bossy to be the boss! Through feminine strength, positive thinking and profit strategy success has always felt natural for me. 

A serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business strategist, innovation and creativity make up the core of my being. I am Gabrielle Noelle.


Gabrielle Noelle, Cocoa Ari